Complete the following ON-LINE BOOKING REQUEST FORM to schedule a service at MUCKOFF Hand Car Wash & Detailing Centre.

Once this form is submitted, a member of our service team will contact you in the next 24 hours to confirm your booking and go through any necessary details.

Online bookings must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

If you would like to visit our site today, please call South Yarra on 03 9826 1100.

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When a booking has been made & confirmed by one of our staff, please follow the timeframes below (as a guide only) as to how long your service will take:

· Basic Wash 15-30 minutes
· Super Wash 30-50 minutes
· Deluxe Wash 40-60 minutes
· MUCKOFF Special Wash 1-2 hours
· Detailing Service 1 working day
· Sanitation Service 1-2 hours
· Paint Protective Wax Service 1-2 hours
· Complete Rejuvenation Package 24 hour minimum


· Our booking staff will call you in order to confirm your booking, on the phone number provided on the booking form. Bookings not confirmed by our staff via a telephone call, have not been scheduled and will fall into the ‘first-in first-served’ daily program.

· Bookings will be held for a 15 minute window from the preferred drop off time supplied on the booking form. After this 15 minute window, priority service cannot be guaranteed, as this is dependent on other bookings and jobs we have committed on. This may result in your service falling into the ‘first-in first-served’ daily program.

· In saying this, we will make every effort to accommodate our clients' needs.